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Need music for a short film that you’re making?  I’d love to help.  


I know it’s easy to find a million songs through a website for cheap (and I’ve written for some of them!). But, as good as those are, sometimes you need something that’s just a little bit more personal and unique to bring the emotion of your story to life. 

Whether its writing original music, helping you pick songs to match the mood, or editing existing songs or dialogue so that they are clear and sync with the cuts of your video, I’d love to help however I can. 


See below for a list of services, and reach out HERE for pricing.

Need something more specific? I’m more than happy to tailor something to your needs. 

Music Editing

Audio/Dialogue Editing


License of Song

Original Music (Single License, or Own License)

Specialties Include:

Upbeat Pop, Motivational, Ambient, Meditative, Focus, Chill, Cinematic, Synthwave, and LoFi.

Check out the below artists for some examples of music I've written:

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